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Your introduction to Pamela Nichols, RN, BSN

A native of Queens, New York Pamela Nichols has established herself as a nurse, teacher, and a pillar in her community. Since 2010, Ms. Nichols has worked with fellow healthcare professionals providing recertification training in local hospitals. “Teaching is my passion.” says Pam. “The more I teach the more I learn.” The jazz and tap dance instructor turned Healthcare instructor saw a need in the community that inspired her to branch off into her own business.
Ms. Nichols saw a need for parents to know CPR to aide their children, for older children to care for their aged parents, and for teachers to assist their students. Offsite recertification classes provide smaller class sizes for nurses unable to complete their training in the hospitals.
Above all else, Pamela Nichols has the continuous goal of providing care for the community with a passion for teaching.

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